Dyn Y Diesel Coch - Welsh Whisperer

Dyn Y Diesel Coch - Welsh Whisperer


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Does dim stopio y Welsh Whisperer ac mae nôl eto gyda albym newydd o bleser pur sy’n clodfori cefn gwlad unwaith eto. Dewch i glywed am Bois y JCB, pwy sydd ddim wedi cael yr A470 Blues a rhoi Buwch mewn Nissan Micra! Dawnsiwch yn swn Rally Dance y YFC! Lee Mason yw’r cynhyrchydd – Yipee!

There’s no stopping the Welsh Whisperer and he’s back again with a new album of pure pleasure that bigs up country life. Listen to Bois y JCB and who hasn’t had the A470 Blues and put a Cow in a Nissan Micra and jig around to the sound of Rally Dance y YFC! Lee Mason produces – Yipee!


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